SimCity BuildIt Guide – Play to Win

Simcity Buildit EA’s is free-to-play mobile installment of popular SimCity franchise. The mobile version has become the biggest SimCity title in the first six month after it’s launch. Not a bad result but how to play this game without it turning in in a so called pay-to-win? Simcity Buildit isn’t one of those games in general, at least for someone who knows his stuff. By that I mean for someone who equipped himself with knowledge on how to play it right. Fortunately, the guides and cheats for Simcity Buildit are plentiful. All you gotta do is spend a little time and learn what steps to take to avoid spending money when any little thing goes wrong. Cutting back on your mistakes translates in cutting back in money spent on it.

SimCity BuildIt Guide

*Watch how much coin you spend right from the start. It might look to you as you have a lot but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even when you start getting more when you start upgrading, watch out. After few levels, you’ll need new requirements, like sewage and water and those require significant amount of coin.

SimCity BuildIt Game Guide

*Keep you citizens happy so they pay their taxes. That is the general rule you should always have in mind. Fulfill their needs so they fill your city’s treasury. You need a healthy budget to keep upgrading.

*Build your inventory space first before you go for land expansion.

*Don’t spend premium currency to speed up timers. That is how they tempt you into spending Simcash but ignore the need to do it. Timers are not something worth spending Simcash.

*Where a regular guide fails, cheats can be used. Cheats for this game are all over the place, even the SimCity BuildIt hack is available on more then a few webpages. This is not a website about cheats or hacks so we’ll leave it up to you if you want to look it up. It’s best to try to frequent only legitimate websites about SimCity BuildIt. Keep your eyes opened when it comes to cheating any game.

Deer Hunter 2016 Guide – A Hunt for Gold

Deer Hunter 2016 is now available in Google Play Store and iTunes. This is another free-to-play model mobile game with all that comes with it.
Anyone who kept track with Glu’s Deer Hunter series knows the gameplay since the new version doesn’t bring much of a change.
Changes are in the little things but the framework remains the same. As for the purchase system, not much has change on that part either.

Deer Hunter 2016 Cheats, Tricks, Guides

Of course, as soon as the game upgrade came out, the cheats, guides and tricks followed. After all, Deer Hunter remains one of the most popular mobile games ever. The new release was much anticipated and welcomed.
The same applies to Deer Hunter 2016 guides and cheats.
Gamers want to know all the tricks and glitched that will get them some advantage over the ruthless IAP system. Getting off with a good start is always a plus and there is nothing wrong about wanting to learn all the tricks in the business and there are some.

Deer Hunter 2016 guides
On the other front, as the guides and legit tricks emerge all around the Internet searches so does the stuff like Deer Hunter 2016 hack tools. These programs are meant to generate in-game resources instantly.
Do they actually work is another question.
Finding out is a challenge for those who are persistent enough to search for them and avoid all the fakes when possible. Avoiding fakes in this regard is virtually impossible.
You need to know what the real ones are and the real private tools if they do exist are not available publicly. It is probably best to forget about this business all together.
What you should go with is a good guide for this new Deer Hunter 2016. A guide should tell you all about the best strategy and tricks to get you some honest advantage.
Maybe a game has some interesting glitches that will give you more resources then any hack out there.